shades of mediocrity
He was not my boyfriend. On the other hand, he wasn’t just a friend either. Instead, our relationship was elastic, stretching between those two extremes depending on who else was around, how much either of us had to drink, and other varying factors. This was exactly what I wanted, as commitments had never really been my thing. And it wasn’t like it was hard, either. The only trick was never giving more than you were willing to lose.

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it’s honestly been the best birthday ever 

I want to feel something different but it will never happen so

i want to kiss you but it wouldn’t feel right

Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.
little worrier, lay your head to rest and give yourself some peace

and every time, I hope it’s you

no rAgrets

why do things turn out the way they do? 

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I’ve been holding my breath for months and I don’t know why I’m still alive

guys are all the same

Sun Jan 19, 2014

my sido passed away three hours ago

i wish i could have been there. but i wish more that my mom could have.

art imitates life

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