shades of mediocrity
12:08 AM
no rAgrets

why do things turn out the way they do? 

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6:42 PM

I’ve been holding my breath for months and I don’t know why I’m still alive

6:22 PM

guys are all the same

6:25 PM

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8:47 PM
Sun Jan 19, 2014

my sido passed away three hours ago

i wish i could have been there. but i wish more that my mom could have.

5:35 PM
art imitates life

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12:06 PM

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2:22 PM

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5:59 PM

had another dream night that my sido died

the dream was that i was in israel with my family and when we went inside my grandparents’ house, my sido wasn’t sitting in his chair that he always sits in

1:18 AM

just in a sad bad mood

11:13 PM

this guy is actually the most adorable ever. i want to kiss his face already

8:50 PM

i’d rather do something more meaningful with my life than study for 6 years in uni

8:35 PM
Take time to make silence.

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11:16 PM

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10:45 PM

can i just stop doing my hw and pick a cute outfit for school tomorrow?